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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sharks, Rays, and Barracudas - Oh My!

This morning we went on the most awesome snorkel trip to the reefs around Caye Caulker. After fitting us for equipment, we took a motorboat about ten minutes out and swam with nurse sharks, stingrays, etc. The Ozzies were freaking out about the rays, since all they could think about was how Steve Irwin died from being stung by a stingray, and those things were everywhere. Then we stopped at two other sites where we had free time to swim around the reefs on our own. I saw so many fish... at one point I was following a school of purple ones as they tried to get away from me - hehe. The corals were really beautiful and the fish were very cool - I couldn't believe how big some of them were. The whole experience kind of felt like flying over and eavesdropping in on little cities in the ocean. Brandi and Mark had an underwater camera, and I'm a little jealous that they got to take pictures of everything we saw.

On a side note, Brandi had to go to the hospital today because it looks like she got sunsick... she was very pale and lethargic after lunch today, and Ben had to run off and find a doctor for her. Thank god it's a small island!

Tomorrow we leave for Flores and Tikal in Guatemala. Today is our last beach day, which is probably a good thing. Even though I wore a t-shirt during the snorkeling, I still managed to burn the back of my legs and the lower part of my back. Five hours on the bus from Belize City to Flores tomorrow is not going to be much fun if I can't sit down!

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