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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Roommate Roulette

The last time I went on a trip like this, I wrote a lot about my roommate Carmen. You haven´t been hearing much about a roommate this trip because I don´t have one - usually. I was the last ¨single¨girl (i.e. not traveling with someone) to sign onto the tour, so in Cancun I got my own room. But remember that my name wasn´t originally on that list - Ben´s boss had to get the room for me. Well, when we went to Chetumal, it turns out that there wasn´t a room for me - or at least, not for me alone. Andrew is also traveling by himself, and there weren´t enough rooms available at the hotel, so we ended up in a room together (in hindsight, Ben should have shared a room with Andrew, but it was late and none of us were thinking of that at the time). The other girls on the trip all seem to adore and worship Andrew, so I figured he was a good and trustworthy guy, and that there were certainly worse roommate situations to be in (e.g. Shoshanna from Cambodia).

So we room together and it´s not a big deal because he was sick as a dog and was asleep 99% of the time I was in the room with him. We were leaving Chetumal for Belize early that morning anyway.

In Caye Caulker, we stayed in a small hotel with a view of the water. Due to some weird misunderstanding, Melanie, Belinda, Katie, and Katherine had to share one suite, I got my own room, and Andrew had to share with Ben. The problem was, the suite only had three beds - for four people. So I moved in with Mel in a room with one double and one single bed so that the remaining girls in the suite could have their own room.

We´ve been in Flores for a night, and both Andrew and I (and Ben, for that matter), got our own rooms. We´ll see what happens in Antigua.

Also, I totally got sick from that one night sharing the room with Andrew. Terrible cough, stuffy nose, sneezing, achy, the works. I had to mime coughing and sneezing for the woman in the farmacia so she could get me some (awful-tasting) medicine.

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